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      “Alright, turn off the Hawking Acceleratron!  I've found one!”
      Jen promptly turned it off.  The field outside the ship swirled a bright, cosmic blue, then red, then the stars and planets began to coalesce.  
      It was always an awe-inspiring experience.  No matter how many alternate dimensions they explored, the journey was always amazing.  Not to mention the promise of new knowledge and scientific data.  Most worlds were very similar to earth, but some varied significantly, thought Dave, sitting at the control matrix.
      Eleanora manipulated the thrusters, and soon they were making planetfall.  There was a lot of promise in this universe, for the planet corresponding to Earth looked very different.  The scanners picked out the largest city, a gorgeous metropolis situated in the middle of a continental wilderness.
      The three intrepid young explorers woke up their fourth, Emmi, and, after a quick check of the atmosphere and radiation, made their way towards the city.
      “Wow!  Look at this city!” yelled Jen.  She was looking at an enormous marble fountain, surrounded by greenery.  Way up above, white marble temples in the style of ancient Greece filled the skyline.  The group found a man walking on the street, looking just like any earthman.  
      “You there!  Hello!” said Eleanora, waving her hand.  The man looked at them, then scampered away nervously.  “Maybe they speak another language,” she said.
      But the next man they saw, and the next, all ran away from them, despite the languages they tried.  They heard the last man they saw mutter something about “wilder people.”
      “It's strange,” said David.  “We haven't seen any women yet.  Maybe this whole world is strictly patriarchal, and they keep them indoors.”  
      Finally, they saw a different form in the distance.  Thinking it might be some sort of giant beast, they approached it carefully.  Strangely, it looked sort of human.  It was only upon getting closer that they realized that it was an incredibly fat human woman, fatter than any person the explorers had ever seen.  She waddled from side to side, with her monstrous belly hanging over her legs and reaching all the way down to her knees.  Her legs, arms, every part of her were ringed with thick rolls of fat.  Upon seeing them, she struggled to turn the other way to avoid them.
      “Wait!  We come in peace!” said David, to no avail.
      “I have an idea,” said Emmi.  “We're not wilder people,” she called out.  The incredibly obese woman turned around.
      “You're not?  You look like wilder people.  Go, before the security forces find you,” she said.
      “We're from another dimension,” said Jen.  “What are wilder people?”
      As the realization that they were not dangerous dawned upon her, the woman breathed a sigh of relief.  “Wilder people live outside the cities and their laws.  The women are thin, even thinner than me.  They look like you, in fact.”  The explorers looked at each other, puzzled.  
      “You're not thin, you're fat, incredibly fat,” stammered David.
      “Fat?  Oh, I wish I was fat.  Maybe if we could get the newest feed tube, and buy more food, then I could become fat.  But I'm terribly thin, just like you.”
      The explorers left the woman to go about her business, thinking that she was delusional.  Finally, they ran into a security patrol.
      “Alright, wilders, show us your passes.”
      “We're not wilder people.  We came from a faraway land, in our ship,” said Emmi.
      “What a load of bunk.  Come one, get in the transport.”  David nervously fingered his sleep ray, getting ready to fire it.  The corporal scrutinized them carefully, noting that he had never seen anything like their uniforms.  Wilder people tended to wear jeans, rags, or whatever things they could find.
      “Look,” said Eleanora, pulling out the hologram projector they used to teach people of other dimensions about their earth.  She pressed a button, and an image of earth appeared, and they began to hear a monologue about its culture.
      “Where did you steal something like that?” asked the corporal.  His two lieutenants shifted about nervously.
      “We didn't steal it,” she said.  “Watch the presentation.”  When it was over, Eleanora offered to take them to their ship, but the corporal was impressed.
      “What a story!  You should come with us to the Hall of Governance.  You see, it's quite a shock seeing women like you who aren't wilder people.”
      “Like what?” asked Emmi.  “Skinny?”
      “Skinny?  You're beyond skinny, you're incredibly thin.”
      “You mean, are all the women like the one we saw?  She had to be at least 500 hundred pounds,” said David.
      “500 pounds is considered very thin,” said the corporal.  “Some of the most attractive women in our city are many thousands of pounds.”
      The explorers gasped.  “Attractive?” asked Jen.  
      “Oh, some of those women could take your breath away,” said the corporal.  
      “Literally,” said one of his lieutenants.  “Like when they sit on you...” he trailed off dreamily.
      The corporal began again.  “I mean, I don't want to be rude to you, as our guests, but...”  The explorers waited tensely.  
      “Go on,” said Emmi.
      “Well, you three, you'd be considered, on this world here...extremely ugly.  I mean, there isn't an ounce of fat on you.  You're only attractive to wilder people.”
      “What?” asked Emmi.  “On earth, I'm considered overweight, maybe even not as attractive as other women.  I know, it's hard for me to admit it, but it's true,” she said, looking down at her chubby little belly.  “I finally get to a planet full of fat women, and I'm considered unattractively skinny!  It's crazy.”
      “Well look, there's the Hall of Governance.  Let's go,” said the corporal.
      “You mean there's a whole planet of such wretchedly skinny women? And the very fattest among you can't even reach a mere one thousand pounds?  Lord, bless me for being born on a civilized planet,” said the governor.  He passed a large bowl of pasta to the explorers. “Surely you want some more pasta.  You'll never gain weight, eating like that.”
      “No thanks, we're full,” said Jen.  “We actually like being so 'unhealthily emaciated,' as you said earlier, and we eventually have to go back to our own dimension.”
      “Well, ok.  Anyway, I'd like you to meet my wife Crystalia, so you can understand our culture and our standards of beauty.”  He led the explorers down a pathway, to an enormous Grecian Temple.  The explorers spied a gigantic, flesh colored mound in the center of the temple.  As they walked closer, they were shocked to find that the mound was in actuality a human form.  
      The explorers stood there, mouths agape, staring at the form that defied all their expectations of the human body.  It was a giant mass, nearly ten feet wide, roll upon massive roll of thick, flabby flesh.  Each roll in turn had its own rolls, folds, flaps, and bulges, such that it was difficult to take in its totality at once.  The massive legs, with tiny feet just barely peeking out of huge rolls of fatness, were encumbered by the gargantuan belly, hanging like a vast, greasy apron of flesh and dominating the form's entire aspect.  The explorers assumed that it was the majority of the form until they moved to the back, to see the enormous ass filling out the entire backside and rivaling the belly in size.  The arms were great rings of flesh upon flesh, culminating like the legs in tiny hands threatening to disappear within the rolls of fatness.  They looked up, to the colossal, pendulous breasts, then finally to the face, still recognizable as human despite its incredible fatness.  A lonely chin stood out, swimming in the vast sea of a much fatter second chin.  Beneath this vast double chin, there were three enormous collars of fat ringing the bottom half of the face.  Jen thought to herself that each collar of fatness contained more fat than her entire body.  Three handsome young men were engaged in feeding the form, supplying it with a constant supply of chocolate.  The governor told the story of the explorers to his wife.  Then he beamed proudly, looking upon his treasure, considered to be one of the most gorgeous women on the entire planet.
      Crystalia paused in her eating to dismiss the men.  
      “Tell me how you feel about my body,” she said, observing the explorer's glances.
      “Well, it's very pretty, I mean, you're very pretty...” struggled Dave.
      “Lying is so unbecoming of you,” she remarked.  “Please, spare me your attempts at diplomacy.  Really tell me how you feel.”
      “I think you're disgusting,” said Emmi, barely able to contain her revulsion.  Eleanora bent over at her side, vomiting profusely.  “How could you ever get so fat?  You can't even move!”  The governor winced, but Crystalia soothed him.
      “It's quite alright.  You see, it's so interesting to find a man who isn't attracted to me, and women who don't want to be like me.”
      “Be like you?”  Jen winced at the thought.  “Why would anyone want to be like you?  Tell us, tell us how you got like this,” she said.
      “Well, you see, on our world, women are valued for their fatness.  When they reach adolescence, they begin an intensive period of fattening.  Generally, the women from the higher classes attract the wealthiest mates, who supply them with every sort of food imaginable.  Why, I remember my courtship, being plied with huge platters of meat, and all sorts of desserts.  My body grew and grew until finally, I became too fat to move."  She paused for a moment, looking back fondly to the exact moment when she had tried, but failed, to lift her incredibly obese body out of bed. "Reaching the milestone of immobility is the traditional indicator of the time to get married in our culture.  And what a happy marriage it's been, with me getting bigger and bigger every year.”  Crystalia smiled fondly at her husband, who smiled back.  
      “That's horrible!” yelled Jen.  “Don't you see, you're slaves, slaves of men!  Giant, fattened slaves!”  The governor looked agitated.
      “Perhaps you've said enough for one night,”  he said.  “Maybe, in time, you can learn some respect for our culture.  You see, our women aren't slaves.  They are beautiful, they're our partners in life, we struggle to allow them to live up to their full biological potential.  Why, if you go down to the lower levels, you'll see men, thin, scraggly creatures, coming home late at night.  They work themselves to the bone, just to put some extra food on the table, so their wives may become beautiful and fat.”  So Crystalia and the governor bid the explorers goodbye.  As an attendant led them to the guest quarters, the young men returned to Crystalia, and began feeding her again.
      The explorers were eager to talk to the governor and Crystalia the next day.  The explorers were haranguing them about gender slavery.  When the governor became nervous, Crystalia piped up.
      “Now dear, don't you have some important ordinances to work on?”
      “That's right!  Thanks sweetie, I'd best be going now.”  He scampered out of the room.
      “Now we can talk,” said Chrysalia.
      “Don't you see!  The men have made you into slaves, robbed you of your mobility, your dignity.  You can't move, you can't even eat or go to the bathroom by yourself.  And you're so brainwashed, you don't even realize what a terrible slavery it is!” yelled Jen.
      Crystalia laughed, and as she laughed, the her huge belly began to rumble, the tremors running through it, rippling through all the flesh of her body, as if a stone had been thrown into a pond.  The ripples flowed through each roll and fold of her body, culminating in the furthest sections, so that even the tiny folds at her elbows and under her chin were jiggling obsenely.  “Oh, I'm not sure you see who the real slaves are,” said Chrysalia.  “My husband will do anything I ask.  He leaves when I tell him to, and comes when I tell him.  He spends all his money on food, servants, feeding machines, anything for me.  As far as my body goes, you could never imagine how wretched it is to be thin like you are.  Why, you probably starve yourselves all day, salivating over food that you won't allow yourself to eat, never satisfied with your own bodies.”
      “That's not true!” yelled Eleanora, with less conviction than she thought she had.  “Besides, at least I can move!”
      “Movement is so...overrated.  I eat all day, every day.  Every second of my existence is pure ecstasy.  To go beyond mere hunger, to eat past the point of exhaustion, to be full, so full that eating seems impossible.  Then, to go beyond that point, to find the hidden reserves of strength to continue gorging, makes every moment of my life pleasurable.  To feel, slowly, day after day less and less mobile.  I can barely move anything but my fingers and toes, and my face.  When I wiggle my toes, they can only touch my belly.  My arms are so fat, I can't even touch my sides, let alone try to reach my face.  And therein lies the beauty of it.  To be waited on, every moment, to have every function of my gorgeous body taken care of, while I sit here, in my vast opulence, a living monument of size and beauty...You have to try it, to understand...”
      The explorers were taken aback.
      “There are feeding tubes, from which flow the most seductive blends of foods, foods so delicious that you'll forsake everything else, they're better than any drug, they're...almost as good as sex.”
      “Sex?” asked David.  
      Crystalia laughed again.  “You forget, I am considered the sexiest woman in this entire city.  Every man alive dreams of being with me, inside me, of struggling mightily against my enormous belly, of sucking on these massive breasts.  Most men will never be able to, but they might count the few times they see me among the most pleasant in their lives.  The men who bathe me, who feed me, who massage the folds of my body, are barely able to control themselves.  Kneading a thick roll of flesh with olive oil, letting it seep all the way down into a crevasse, then forcing it up and spreading it over the surface.  Sometimes even they lose control.  I can feel a hundred pairs of hands, massaging every square inch of flesh, and as I get bigger, every pound that I gain, multiplies my pleasure, until I can only imagine how pleasant the future will be.  Perhaps...” she looked at David.  “Perhaps you would like to touch my body?”
      “Sorry, I'm not attracted to you.  Frankly, I don't understand why any of the men on this planet are.  I guess it's just one of those weird things.”
      “Oh, it's very easy to explain.  You see, every man is born to a woman.  Born to a giant, fat, beautiful female, he spends his first days sucking on a giant breast, bloated with milk.  Resting on top of a glorious belly.  And every man grows up wanting just that.  The few who don't, they find it impossible to deal with our society, and they move off into the wilderness, living with their sickly thin women, scavenging for food in the deserts and wastelands.  The girls, they grow up wanting to be just like mommy, just as big, and round, and pampered.  But enough of this talk.  You, Jen, Emmi, Eleanora, you really must try the feeding tube.”   Crystalia called to her servants, who brought the tube.
      “You have to be crazy,” said Jen.  “We're not doing that.”
      “You don't have to get fat like me.  Just try it, so you understand.  Besides, isn't it your duty to learn all about the culture of this planet, by firsthand experience?”
      “She's got a point there,” said Eleanora.  “It's in the Explorer's Directive, Rule 7b.”
      “No, don't try it!” yelled Jen.
      Eleanora moved towards the tube.  “Don't worry, I have a lot of willpower.”  She put the tube to her mouth, and began sucking on it.  The other explorers and Crystalia waited tensely.  Eleanora continued sucking.  Finally, Jen ran up to her and pulled it out of her mouth.
      “Honestly, Jen, I was just about to take it out.  Wow, it really was good though.  Can I get just a little more...”  Jen smacked her hand away from the tube.  Eleanora seemed to be in a daze.  
      “That's it, explorers back to our quarters.  We have some reports to file,” said Jen.
       “Seriously, Emmi, you have to try it.  It was AMAZING!  Like, I could taste my grandmother's apple pie, and a pepperoni pizza, and Ben and Jerry's, all at the same time, and my mouth, it felt like it was, I don't even know, it was so good.  Like magic.” Eleanora raved.
      “Sshhhh,” Emmi whispered.  “Jen will hear you.  Besides, aren't you worried you might get fat?”
      “Nonsense.  You think I'd end up like that big blob Crystalia?”
      Emmi shook her head.  It did seem rather remote.  “Alright, let's go.”
      They snuck through the corridors back to Crystalia.
      “Somehow, I knew you'd be back,” she said.
      “We're just doing our duty as explorers,” said Eleanora.  “Now, Emmi, try it out,” she said, holding the feeding tube ominously in front of her.  Emmi took the tube and put in her mouth.  Then she closed her eyes.  Eleanora waited for what seemed like an eternity.
      “Don't get carried away,” she said to Emmi, snatching the tube from her.  She began sucking greedily on the tube.  Emmi waited impatiently until it was her turn again, then they switched.  Crystalia was working her way through an enormous platter of sweets being carried by a team of strong men.  Eleanora and Emmi continued switching the tube back and forth.  Eleanora sucked on it even more greedily than before, closing her eyes and slurping so rapidly that a thin stream of the thick white fluid dribbled down the corner of her mouth.  She continued to suck, not noticing that her belly was bulging with fluid.  Finally, Emmi shook her out of her reverie.
      “Ellie!  We've been here for two hours!  I totally lost track of time.  Jen's going to kill us!”
      “Damn!” said Eleanora, regaining her consciousness.  She massaged her swollen belly.  They went back to their quarters.
      “I knew it!” yelled Jen.  “That's it, we're leaving this world right now, before anything terrible happens.”  They packed up and went to the ship.  But they were stunned to find it vandalized, full of dirt and other junk.  
      “The Strontium-Q crystal is missing from the Hawking Acceleratron!” yelled David.  “We can't leave!”
      “It must have been the wilder people,” said Jen.  “We have to get it back.  Let's ask the governor where to find them.”
      “Alright, everyone ready for the expedition into wilderland?” asked David.
      “Yeah, about that...” said Eleanora.  “I'm not going.”
      “What?!” yelled Jen.  “I know that we're all equals, and that I can't give you an order, but if Explorer Command ever hears about this...”  She moved towards Eleanora.  As Eleanora raised her arms to defend herself, her shirt rose up, revealing a small, jiggling belly.
      “'re getting fat!” yelled Emmi.
      Eleanora was transfixed, staring at her tiny belly.  She hadn't noticed it before, but now that she did, it seemed sort of nice... “Look, I'm not going, that's all...” she said, walking away.
      “Jen...just leave her,” said David.  “If she wants to destroy her beautiful young body, that's her choice.”  Jen sullenly led the remaining three explorers into the wilderness.
      “Oh Crystalia, this feed tube is SOOOOO good,” said Eleanora, lying on back with the tube sticking out of her mouth.  Her hands lay on top of her belly as she envisioned its change in size.
      “I'm glad you like it,” said Crystalia, in between mouthfuls.
      “Hey, do you think I could get some guys to feed me?”
      “I'm sure that I know a nice young man who might like to feed such a nice young lady,” she said.  She sent one of her feeders off.  Sure enough, he brought back a handsome, dark haired man.  
      “My name's Clive.  It's nice to meet you...”
      “Eleanora,” she said, her eyes twinkling.
      The explorers trudged through the desert, constantly on the alert for vicious attacks from wilder people and giant, saber-toothed cats.  It stinks being in this desert, thought Emmi.  I could be back in the city, swimming in a marble pool, having a snack with Eleanora...I am pretty hungry...
      When the explorers left camp the next morning, Emmi was gone.
      “You have to try this chocolate truffle cake,” said Eleanora, cramming it into Emmi's face so that bits of cake landed all over her.  
        “So that's how you want to play...” said Emmi, lifting up an enormous vanilla milkshake and pouring it into Eleanora's mouth, so that the milkshake ran down and soaked her shirt.  “I like how big your belly's gotten already,” she said, fondling it.  
      "Don't worry Emmi, soon you'll have a big belly too," she giggled.
      It was with a terrible mixture of sadness and resignation that David and Jen trudged back to the metropolis.  They had wasted months, fruitlessly capturing wilder people, interrogating them, searching their settlements.  They had seen shocking things out in the deserts and wastelands: sentient plants that screamed when eaten, giant vortexes of energy which scoured the land and leveled mountains.  But what they saw back at the city shocked them even more.
      "My god..." muttered Jen.  "Look at those two pigs."  Eleanora was lounging luxuriously on a dais.  Her face and breasts were covered with scraps of food and small pools of liquid, as was her belly, which was now an enormous apron so big and thick that as it rested around middle, it forced her two huge legs apart.  She seemed to hear someone calling her name in the distance, but she was so enraptured in her feeding that it took her some time before she realized that Jen and David were there.
      "Oh, hi Jen, hi David," she said nonchalantly.  "I hope it's important.  I wouldn't want to miss valuable feeding time."
      Jen eyed her irritatedly.  She looked at Emmi, who was nearly as fat as Eleanora.  "I just wanted to tell you two that we couldn't find the Strontium-Q Crystal.  We may have to mine another one out of the earth, if such an element exists on this planet.  All our attempts to contact Explorer Central have been thwarted by the telemetric radiation of the upper atmosphere.  We make another attempt from the highest peak in the wilderness, but the simple fact of the matter is that we may be forced to remain on this planet for the rest of our lives."
      "Well Jen, if you're going to be here for ever, why don't you join us?" asked Eleanora.
      "Really, Jen, it's so wonderful.  All day, just sleeping and eating, laying out in the sun.  And all these handsome young men," said Emmi, pulling one of her feeders into the sweaty crevasse between her arm and bosom.  He smiled at Emmi.
      "Ugh!  You two are disgusting!" yelled Jen.  She turned wearily towards the desert, thinking about the terrible marches, the giant scorpions, the glass storms, the rations that tasted like cardboard.  The slim chance of success.  It would be so easy to stay here...
      NO! she decided.  It was a mockery of life, being fed and fed and fed until one became a colossal mountain of flesh, with nothing better to do but lounge around all day in a sybaritic dream, without a care in the world.  She and David trudged back towards the desert.
      Eleanora struggled to turn her superobese body towards the sun.  Soon, she thought, she would not even have to struggle; she would instead feel the pleasure of a dozen stalwart men sweating and striving to shift her massive bulk.  She wondered for a moment about Jen and David.  Would they ever return to Explorer Central?  Perhaps they would be slain by wilder people, if the energy sources in their weapons ran out.  Perhaps she would have the satisfaction of seeing Jen, bedraggled and filthy, trudging back to the city, seduced by the possibility of eating, and gaining, and becoming immobile.  It didn't really matter.  Eleanora called to one of her feeders, who began putting spoonful after spoonful of vanilla ice cream into her mouth from an incomprehensibly large parfait dish, as another of her men lovingly massaged an aromatic oil into the thick folds of her belly.  She had many thousands of pounds to gain before she would rival Crystalia in size, but already she was anticipating the monstrous gut that would sprawl luxuriously ten feet in front of her body, the thighs thick like tree trunks ringed and ringed with thick layers of fat, the innumerable small rolls which would accumulate in every corner, at every bend, rolls upon rolls until she could barely move anything, but would just sit there resplendent in her massive glory.
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I'm not for one for immobility stories but wow well done.
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There is an obscure manga named "Tamago no Kimi" that has a world like that (not where it takes place). I haven't read much of it though.
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WOW! An incredible story!
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Wow, this is incredibly well-written. Your descriptive powers are in full-force here. Very nicely done! Plus, as usual, you have a deep subtext going on here in what, on the surface, could be taken as just another WG story of extreme proportions. I like how you argue the points of the two world views. How, on the one hand, you equate being hyper-obese to a form of gender slavery. Then counter by asking just which gender is actually the slave to whom? Very intelligent and, of course, HOT AS HELL!

You, sir, are, along with your excellent illustrations, a double shot of talent in our wonderful world of WG! Thanks for sharing both barrels of that talent with us!
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Thanks! Yeah, it always interests me to think about why people might actually want to be obese or immobile. To the mainstream it just seems like such an outlandish concept, but there are so many different and legitimate physical and emotional reasons to be explored. Plus I always like how relationships can have so much complexity that the boundaries of master and slave are reversed or blurred.
steve-aka Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2009
Yes, you really managed to touch on the whole 'who's actually the slave and who's actually the master' question quite nicely here. You have a way of subtly infusing your stories with some very poignant subtext. I really appreciate the thought and effort you put into the works you post. On the one hand, they are great proponents of fat and WG yet on the other they question the ethics and challenges on both sides of the subject. Your writing is light years in maturity beyond my rather crass and blatant stuff.

Thanks for posting all the wonderful work you create!
ScareGlow Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2009
I feel that, far from being crass and blatant, your stories are direct and powerful, and that they really explore a different ground than the one I'm exploring. You have a better grasp on the emotional and physical aspects of the most extreme gluttony. Looking back on my stories, I realize that there are a lot of interesting paradoxes, such as extremely fat women who eat healthily or go jogging, which show how the extremes are tempered with moderation. Ultimately I think it is amazing how many different aspects of weight gain there are to explore. PS for this story, I had just read all these science fiction novels and they gave me some good influences.
steve-aka Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2009
Thank you very much for the kind words regarding my stories! Coming from you that's high praise indeed. I obviously sometimes feel that what I'm doing is just the same old shtick over and over again. But people seem to enjoy it so I guess I'm doing something right. However, after your recent comment on my latest story I got the impression you weren't altogether too thrilled with my stuff. However, after re-reading said comment just now, I realize I was just being overly sensitive. (Hey, whadya know, a sensitive artist!) I keep waiting for the puritan attack on my ridiculous and obscene stories and subsequent stoning and castration but it has yet to come. I guess there is a place for stories that explore the deepest pits of single-mindedly obsessive gluttony, sloppy hedonism and unabashed selfishness. Who woulda figured?

At any rate, there are indeed many aspects of WG to explore and I'm glad you're exploring the more cerebral aspect of it whereas I seem to be firmly entrenched in the groin.

Regarding the sci-fi, what did you read? I too am a devotee of the sci-fi genre. I really dig Neal Stephenson and P.K. Dick, amongst others.
ScareGlow Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2009
Despite being good at writing, my comment on your latest story was phased poorly and did not convey what I meant. Overall I enjoy reading your work, and I wanted more insight into the way you think (insight which you did provide in your response). I just read Old Doc Methuselah by L. Ron Hubbard, 2150 AD by Thea Alexander, The Iron Dream by Norman Spinrad, Last and First Men by W. Olaf Stapledon, Star Maker (Same), and three Star Wars novels by Timothy Zahn (wish they had made a film trilogy out of these three instead of Phantom Menace). I would seriously recommend The Iron Dream, and Last and First Men, if you can find them. Never read Stephenson but Dick is good stuff.
steve-aka Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2009
Greetings SG,

Not to worry about your comment, 'tis not the writing but the reading that was poor. You did state at the outset that you enjoyed the story but I guess that was overshadowed by the statements you made regarding what you didn't like. At no point were you offensive about it, just stating your opinion and curiosity.

I guess I came to the conclusion you didn't like my work when you didn't reply to my response to your comment. I know that wasn't compulsory on your part and I certainly don't wanna come across as some sort of weepy and needy milksop, but your silence made me feel I may have somehow repulsed you. I realize my stories are rather potent pieces of prose and am apparently easily put into a sort of knee-jerk defensive mode about them. I've been writing them for over a decade now and have until recently only sporadically posted a handful due to a powerful shame holding me back from sharing them with the public. There is a deep-seated guilt for even having sexual urges forceful enough to compel me to write them in the first place. It's been quite difficult coming to terms with this grand internal struggle - the battle between the social programming of embarrassment and mortification versus the fierce and fiery fury of my seemingly idiosyncratic sexual urges. I know full well that most people in general society would find my stories extremely repulsive and disconcerting, somehow denoting a defective mind behind the hands that created them. However, on the other hand, I really enjoy writing my stories and have recently grown braver in posting them. It's been really liberating to do so and the fact that some people enjoy them has been a vindicating honor of the highest esteem and sheer delight to experience.

At any rate, I felt I had somehow alienated you with my statements but now see I was merely overreacting. I hope what I've written here has helped you to see why such an overreaction could happen in the first place. Sorry to wax on so long-winded about it, I guess I have a rather large lung capacity.

Regarding the sci-fi, seems like you enjoy the older stuff. I'll have to check out some of the stuff you mentioned once the pile of books on my nightstand shrinks to a more manageable mound. I recently finished re-reading Asimov's Foundation books. Good stuff. Have you ever read any Philip Jose Farmer? He's kind of a crappy writer and his stuff is basically pulp level prose, but it's fun nonetheless. I rather enjoyed his World of Tiers series, especially the first book, The Maker of Universes. Lots of amusing ideas floating around in there if you can overlook some of the cheesiness of the writing.

Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to read this. I enjoy our conversations. Take care.
StarryOak Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow. That was a politeness battle
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The-Eldest-Few2 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2009
Extremely well written. I don't really like the people in that city though. Lost in their own world while the planet collapses around them. Judging from your descriptions of the outside world, everything will collapse eventually. Will they try to continue living as they are now when that happens, or will they try to change, to put their own survival before pleasure?

Sequel? Maybe?
ScareGlow Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2009
They are hard to like with their ostrich-head-in-the-sand mentality. But I think they would see their lifestyle in sort of the way many Americans think of civil liberties. Like, we want to defend our culture and its attendant liberties, but we would never give up those liberties in order to defend our culture, because there would be no point. Destruction would be just as bad as survival. I initially had no idea about what to write for a sequel but you have given me some good ideas with your comments. So maybe.
fetish-fat Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2009
very nice
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