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America 2050 by ScareGlow
America 2050
In this photograph from the year 2050, a young woman relaxes contentedly before resuming eating.  Although this girl from the Age of Decadence, weighing in at an estimated 5,000 to 7,000 pounds, seems unimaginably and grotesquely fat from today’s perspective, it is important to note that, within the context of her time period, she was of average weight, and considered to be of great beauty.  With the advent of hoverchair technology and automated food preparation, personal mobility was not considered to be important during this age.  Of particular interest in this photo is the incredible amount of food that covers her ample body.  Women of this time period did not eat meals such as we know them, but ate constantly during all waking hours, consuming 25,000 to 50,000 calories each day.  During their ecstatic gorging, they often carelessly caused food to be splattered everywhere.  Such a display of laziness and wanton gluttony, far from being considered inappropriate, was an important mating signal to the people of this time.  The people of this age expended incredible resources in maintaining their extreme hedonism and in competitive weight gain, at the expense of other concerns such as extraterrestrial defense and environmental conservations, ultimately leading to the end of such excesses in 2082.
   - Rance Paxson, PhD++*

*The degree PhD++, conferred after PhD+, required 6 years of study beyond the original PhD, and was required for serious scholars at a time when most menial workers held a PhD.  
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
    “I’ve grown tired of the Burj al-Arab.  Book me a flight for Gstaad.  And a hotel.”  Calyssa Vennreider left the chilled penthouse to survey the rapidly expanding city in the desert heat.   Skiing and snowboarding would be such a good contrast.  But her thoughts were soon interrupted by the vibrations in her pocket.
    “Calyssa – It’s Worthfield.  Your father…he’s in a bad way.  Yes…we’ve been trying to keep him from working on Saturday and Sunday, but you know how he is…it’s very bad…you should come home…”  There was nothing that could keep Calyssa from the slopes, or anything she wanted to do, for that matter, save her concern for Massimo Vennreider.  
    He had not started out like this.  Before she had been born, there had been only one store, an efficient if inelegant one on the Sophienstrasse.  But Massimo was tireless man, and the shops multiplied.  After that there were smelting operations, gold and silver mines, a venture capital subsidiary, and in his late middle age, Massimo Vennreider could count himself among the absurdly wealthy.  But he worked ceaselessly, as many of those not born to wealth do, despite their success, and it had taken its toll on his body…  Calyssa sped to New York, worried that this might be it for her father.  She was desperate to see him, although there was someone she was not so desperate to see, who would inevitably be there…
    At his bedside in the hospital stood two profoundly different young women.  Where Calyssa was blonde and lithe, with the kind of toned body that those who don’t have to work for a living are most able to develop, her sister Megan was absurdly round.  Squat, with wavy brown hair and the thick black glasses which had returned to coolness after decades of purgatory, she regarded her sister coldly.  It was for her own good, thought Calyssa, of the admittedly constant teasing that had marked their childhood.  Although it hasn’t done her much good.  She looks fatter than ever, she thought, surveying her from her giant conical calves all the way up to her plump cheeks.  
    “Calyssa…Megan…I think this is it for me.  I never…got to see any grandkids, but…it’s ok…I love you both, and…I’m sure you’ll be well provided for…you’re both…worth your weight in gold…”  And then the tycoon whose humble beginnings had been in precious metals closed his eyes…
    “I’ve seen some strange wills before, but this…this is a very unusual one.  And there is a lot at stake,” said Preston Bradford as he paced past the ornate hardwood paneling on the walls of Cravatte & Crumbson’s conference room.  
    Calyssa looked at the words of the will, but they made no sense to her.  “What do you think I’m going to get?”
    “Well, it’s hard to say at this point…I mean, you’re to receive your proportional share, after some debts are paid, and some minor gifts are made to relatives, and cousins…as your mother died many years ago, that leaves just you and…”
    Calyssa did not even want to hear her name.  “There’s just two of us, so by proportional, you must mean half.  Unless there are some other children…”
    “Well, there are no other children…at least, none that I’ve heard from yet.  I would scarce impugn your father’s fidelity.  It’s just that, these proportions are linked to…your weight…”
    Her father’s last words reverberated in her mind as their full import hit her.  Worth your weight in gold…  I am barely over a hundred pounds, she thought.  And as to Butterball, she could scarcely guess what the fat girl weighed.  She must weigh four times as much as I do…It was all she could do not to cry.  Fatso will have hundreds of millions more than me, she thought…  It took some time for Preston to bring her back to her senses.  Then, she did a back-of-the-envelope calculation in her mind…a billion dollars, give or take, minus some expenses, with 80% to the fat girl…that still left a lot of money…
         “I’ll get around $150 or $175 million?”  
Bradford looked nervously at the senior associate he had brought with him.  “You see, Ms. Vennreider, it’s proportional, but you have to run the weights through the formula in the will…carry the nine, add the remainder, raise to the fifth power…”  The associate frantically followed him with a calculator.  The result showed far fewer zeroes than they expected.  “Of course, we’ll have to litigate this formula.  I mean, we’ll take it to the Supreme Court if we have to, or we can get your sister to settle at favorable terms.  We can litigate for years…”
         “What...what does it say on the calculator…”  
    Bradford struggled to keep the color in his face, while his associate had already turned as white as a ghost.  “I mean, it’s just preliminary at this point…”  Calyssa stared coldly until he relented.  Three million, forty thousand, one hundred seventy eight dollars and forty cents.  
    “Nine hundred and seven million…” said the associate, as Calyssa swooned.  “Of course, that assumes that you maintain your current weights…”  But Calyssa was already unconscious.
    “Counsel, there’s no other way to interpret this formula.  And there’s no undue influence, no duress, no question about Mr. Vennreider’s health or sanity at the time he made the will.  I’ll have both of these heirs weighed two years from the date of death, as per the will…that gives us about 21 months from today.  And according to clause forty two, they must maintain that weight for at least one year thereafter…”
    “We can give her a tapeworm,” said Calyssa after the hearing, only half-joking.   “Free gym membership, abduct her and give her gastric bypass…there’s got to be some way to make her lose weight…”  As she had lost a few pounds, and her sister had gained a few, she thought, she was down to about two and a half million.
    Dave, the senior associate, surveyed her body.  “You could always put on a few pounds.  Although, in order to make a serious dent in your sister’s recovery, you would have to gain at least…”  He calculated on his phone.  “Oh…”
    “How much would I have to gain to get $100 million?”
    “Well, you see, it’s exponential.  You don’t really get a lot until you approach your sister’s weight…You would have to more than triple your body weight, and that’s assuming that your sister doesn’t get any fatter…which, from the looks of her, I think…”  he trailed off.  
    It’s just not fair, thought Calyssa as she kicked a piece of garbage down the street, past the 24-hour, all you can eat Chinese food buffet…all you can eat, Chinese food buffet, huh…   She stopped suddenly.  I could try to gain the weight, three hundred pounds, almost two years to gain, then keep it on for one year.  Then I could lose it all.  Sure, I would have stretch marks and loose skin, but I would also have almost half of a billion dollars.  I just have to do it.  She walked into the buffet…
    “She was so cruel,” said Megan, as she held her fiancé Manolo in a great bear hug.  He held her at her thinnest point, right below the breasts, and even then he could barely fit his arms around her.  But that was the way he liked it.  “This is what she deserves.  It’s not about the money, for me.  But I can’t let her win.  I hope this teaches her a lesson, about her supercilious going to the gym and being an airhead lifestyle, and her dismissive attitude.  I can’t rest on my laurels, though.  Perhaps a few extra pounds will seal the deal.  After all, it’s not like I don’t like eating…”  Manolo could only grin devilishly.
    “Your father must have loved you best.  This seems like a terrible punishment for her.”
    Megan thought for a moment.  “I don’t know if it was a punishment.  Dad…if there was one thing he loved besides us, it was clichés.  Only he wasn’t saying them right, he was always changing around the words or the meaning, or taking them way too literally.  I think…I think somewhere, he’s smiling…”
    Calyssa triumphantly stepped onto the scale.  It had been a disgusting month of stuffing herself, from buffets and fast food chains to Michelin rated restaurants.  I feel so fat, she thought.  And I weigh…105 pounds, she read… Meaning that I gained 6 pounds.  After all that work… She groaned.  I’ll never catch up to fatty at this rate…
    “You’ll never get fat because you’re not really into it.  You think you can do it, but then you think you’ll just lose all the weight later.  Your mind knows that the ultimate goal is to be thin, so it unconsciously sabotages you.  You have to accept the weight as…permanent.  You have to find your inner fat girl…laze around the house, eat a whole box of donuts, take the elevator, not the stairs – basically the opposite of everything you’ve ever learned.  You haven’t been going to the gym, have you?”
    “Only three times this week,” she told Dave.  “That’s lazy, right?”  But Dave only shook his head.  “Ugh, I’m going to be so hideous.”
    “You’re beautiful now.  You don’t think you can be a beautiful fat girl?  I think you might look better with some extra pounds.  You know, bigger breasts, bigger butt.”
    Calyssa’s brain worked overtime to process the words “beautiful fat girl,” words that she had not even considered to make sense until now.  It was still hard for her to deal with.  But maybe… “I’ll do it.  But you’ve got to motivate me, Dave…”
    This chick looks amazing, thought Dave.  She was practically anorexic five weeks ago, but now she was smoking.  “Maybe this is more your natural weight.  How did you do it?”
    “I dunno, I would just wake up and eat all these waffles and pancakes and stuff, then eat lunch, then take a huge nap…use heavy cream instead of milk.  Don’t you think this is kind of unhealthy?”
    “Yeah, I mean it could be, but remember, there’s like a billion dollars at stake. Besides, it all goes to your butt,” he said, caressing it.  “I think that’s healthy.  Er…healthier.”
    Megan pulled her pants up over her huge gut and tried to zip, but it was hard going.  She sucked in, and managed to get them zipped up on her fourth try.  And these pants fit just last week, she thought.  Hopefully they won’t burst.  Unless they burst in the courtroom, as that will burst Calyssa’s dreams as well, when she sees how fat I’ve gotten.  She picked a form-fitting top, to emphasize her massive breasts and waist, and to intimidate her poor thin sister…
    “Did she look fatter to you at the status conference?” she asked Manolo afterwards; he could only concede that she was indeed fatter.  “Nobody out-fattens me.  Bring me another tray of those chocolate-covered strawberries.  I wonder how far she’ll take this farce before she gives up…”
    It was 3:00.  Calyssa was still wearing her pajamas.  She had rolled out of bed at noon.  As she wolfed down the final piece of ice-cream covered blueberry pie, a chunk of gooey filling fell from her fork and rolled down her pajama shirt, leaving a purple trail.  Excellent, I’m turning into such a pig, she thought.  Pretty close to two hundred, and you could really see it.  She called Dave.
    “Sorry, I can’t make it.  I’m really not supposed to, you know, with the clients.”
    “But that didn’t stop you last time!”
    “All the more reason for me to stop now, before there’s trouble.  Listen, if there’s any legal thing you need, call me…”
    Calyssa threw down the phone.  It was obvious.  For an extremely thin girl, an extra fifty pounds could look great, especially because it all went to her butt and breasts.  But she had gained almost a hundred pounds.  And she had…a tummy.  It was kind of cute, she thought, soft and round, not like her sister’s bulging gut.  But it was there, and her upper arms were noticeably bigger, and it wasn’t like she was going to stop here, she needed a least another hundred pounds, which would be a total transformation.  Fuck Dave, she thought, for being so superficial.  Just like I used to be? she wondered.  I’ll find someone who likes me the way I will be soon.  Then she went to the fridge for some more ice cream.        
    The race had hardly started, but Calyssa had been ready to throw in the towel.  It had been a good start, but for agonizing weeks she had gone to the scale, only to come back with the same result each time, topping out at 240 pounds.  Then, horror, as she retreated to 238, and then 235, probably even less by now, despite practiced laziness and inspired gluttony.  But that was before her desperation had driven her to a weight gain website.  Standing in stark contrast to the plethora of weight loss websites in her bookmarks, she had used the site to meet Lauren…
    Lauren Karlsson was taller than Calyssa, and her muscular arms and legs were evidence not of mere toning and cardio, but actual weightlifting.  She had a surprisingly luscious bosom and well-rounded butt for someone so fit, and her passion was to make other girls fat.  When she took Calyssa’s now thicker wrist in her muscular grip and pressed her onto the bed, Calyssa had no desire but to obey…
    “You can beat your sister,” she whispered into Calyssa’s ear.  Up until now, it had been a frantic effort to get close enough to Megan’s incredible weight that she could salvage enough money to continue her jet-setting lifestyle.  There was no thought of beating Megan, of getting more money than her.  And yet, wouldn’t it be something of a triumph, beating the fat girl at her own game?  But at what price?
    “You’re hardly two hundred pounds away,” she said as she fondled Calyssa’s belly, now big enough for her to grab and caress.  After you pass five hundred and win the contest, you can always slim down.  A little bit.  Not too slim.  Maybe four hundred.  Four hundred is still very sexy.  Not ideal, though.”
    I’m going to be slimming down to much fatter than I already am, thought Calyssa.  In accepting that, she thought she might as well accept black as white and white as black.  Well, I have accepted the idea of a beautiful fat girl, she mused.  Not her, but me, I’ll be the beautiful fat girl.
    “There’s a huge fat girl just waiting to come out,” said Lauren.  “The kind of girl who steps into an all you can eat buffet and makes them wish they’d chosen another line of business.  The kind who eats until she’s full, then gets a second wind and keeps on eating…and then a third wind, and then needs to loosen her belt two notches…”
    Though Calyssa weighed almost three hundred pounds, Lauren manhandled her into bed with ease.  At first it had been hard to undress after being relentlessly stuffed by her.  But now…it was as if her body was a special thing between the two of them, some terrible but great treasure that only they could enjoy together, so she tore off her shirt and let Lauren caress her bloated belly.  It was something that seemed unthinkably grotesque only a few months ago, but now it felt good, even…normal.  Maybe…maybe I’ve been apart from my true self all these years, and now I’m home, she thought as Lauren flipped her over to caress her ass.  
    “Of course I would see her here,” moaned Calyssa.  Sybarite was the latest frontier in hedonistic dining, so Lauren had taken her there for the post-dinner stuffing session.  
    “My sister.  The one I have to outweigh.  There, at the table to your right.”  Megan sat contentedly in a chair that had to be brought in from another restaurant.  Even then, fat spilled over the bottom and sides of the chair, and the edge of the table divided her huge gut when she leaned forward.  She grinned at Calyssa.  Lauren stared at her dreamily, long enough for Calyssa to notice.
“You like her.  Grrrr.”
    “She has certain charms.  Such a shapely figure.  And yet, soon I’ll have my own girl, just like her…”  Calyssa smiled.  
    “Your sister doesn’t look half bad,” said Manolo at the other table.  Megan frowned.  By the end of the night, it was clear that she had put her weight gain regimen into overdrive.  She waddled out of the restaurant with a four-figure tab.  Calyssa wanted to leave, but Lauren kept her there, piling on deserts after what seemed like an endless round of appetizers and entrees.  When they were finally ready to go, Calyssa struggled out of her chair, feeling a little sick but also a little proud, dreaming of the future…      
    Calyssa pushed a huge plate that had only minutes ago been filled with fried calamari off its resting spot on her gut and struggled to sit up.  “Can’t we go to the movies?” she asked, but Lauren only regarded her sternly.  “My tummy hurts.”
“You eat.  What do you think your sister is doing right now?”  
Calyssa thought until she had a vivid image in her mind, her sister eating everything in sight, her gut getting more and more huge every second, until she was impossibly fat, fatter than even the most gigantic circus fat lady.  “You’re right.  Keep feeding me,” she said, touching Lauren’s hand.  Lauren only smiled.
    “I don’t know if we should invite her.  She was so mean to you, all your life.  Even now, it’s just a desperate ploy for money,” said Manolo.
    “Could it be?  I mean, it seems rather extreme.  I feel like…I almost feel like she’s a kindred spirit now, after all these years.  Besides, I’m sure you’d like to see how she’s been gaining…”
    Manolo grinned sheepishly.  “You know you’re the only one for me.  Still, there is something so…enchanting…about seeing a woman’s body develop.”
    “I think it’s a trap,” said Calyssa as she threw the invitation down on the table.  “I know how much she hates me.”
    “How could it be a trap?  Maybe she’s willing to forgive and forget, now that you’re…now that you’re on her side.”
    Now that I’m on her side, thought Calyssa.  Now that I’ve turned my back on everything I ever knew…hot guys and going to the gym and tanning…and yet, maybe I can still do all those things.  I can still go to the gym, I mean after I’ve won the contest, I’ll just be really fat, but…but I won’t give a damn about what anyone thinks, plus I’ll have more money than God…
    “Lauren…if we pack a picnic basket…a really big one, and I promise to eat on the way down, and on the way back…can we go to the beach?”  Lauren placed her hands on Calyssa’s shoulders and envisioned her in an absurdly small bikini, resting on the blanket as she massaged suntan into each roll and over every curve of her rapidly expanding body.
    “It’s a deal.”
    I haven’t been to one of her birthday parties since she was thirteen, thought Calyssa.  And even then, I only went because Mom made me go.  Megan was such a fat girl, even back then.  And here I am, much fatter than that…making up for lost time, I guess.
    “Calyssa!  And this must be Lauren!  So glad you could make it,” said Manolo.
    “At least the food will be good,” whispered Calyssa into Lauren’s ear.  Calyssa ate heartily, and talked to everyone.  If people were surprised by how fat she’d gotten, they didn’t mention it to her face.  Maybe it was destiny, or maybe it was just one too many foie gras and truffle oil infused hors d’ouevres, but Calyssa found herself in the bathroom, feeling sick and wondering if it had all been a terrible idea.  She grasped the big womanly breasts that had replaced her flat chest, gripped the huge ass that seemed to defy the laws of physics by providing perpetual motion, and thought about her body, about the money, about her sister…
    Suddenly there was a knock on the door.  “Are you alright in there?” said Megan as she peeked her head in.  “I just wanted to say, thanks for coming.  I know it was hard.”
    “Megan, I…you’re welcome,” she stammered.  “I…” But Megan had already rejoined the party.  I can’t stop now, Calyssa thought.  This is who I am…
    Calyssa’s stomach was bloated, roiling with the variety of things that she had devoured so quickly – snails dripping with beurre blanc, greasy triple cheeseburgers, thick sauerkraut-covered bratwursts.  It was so swollen that a lesser person might think about seeing a doctor, or at least taking a break for awhile.  But Calyssa was a pro…she had been here before, and the key here was to be disciplined.  Maybe a long distance runner has the discipline to keep on moving long after there’s no gas left in the tank.  Maybe an old boxer has the discipline to keep on throwing punches after a younger guy connects with one too many right hooks to the skull…this is my kind of discipline, she thought,  no less amazing in its own way…
Calyssa, who had reclined slothfully in her chair, reached lazily for the chocolate covered bacon.  Coverings were the key.  Chocolate covered, cheese wrapped, meats blanketed in other meats.  But the incredibly delicious bacon hovered just out of reach.  Lauren rested playfully on top of Calyssa’s absurdly fattened body, preventing her from making more than a token movement.
    “Get it for me.”
    “I don’t think so.  I love to watch you struggle.”
    “Struggling wastes calories.”
    “How well you have learned.”  She gave Calyssa a little kiss.  “Sometimes, it’s worth it.”  Calyssa shook her whole body until Lauren tumbled off.  She grabbed the bacon, consuming it rapidly, leaving little chocolate and bacon crumbs everywhere…there’s no way Megan can beat me...
    Calyssa waddled into the courtroom, to the shocked gasps of everyone – the court personnel, the media, and most of all, her sister – and, too fat for a chair, sat down on the bench just behind the table for her lawyers, as wide as three skinny schoolgirls sitting side by side, her gigantic belly so fat that it pushed her legs apart and dove towards the floor.  She was wearing a floral top that looked  bigger than a tablecloth and jeans which didn’t force one to guess about the thickness of her thighs or the roundness of her ass.  She looked to the center of the courtroom, right in front of the judge, where a gigantic scale, the kind used to weigh livestock, waited for her.
    “So, Ms. Vennreider…” Both girls looked up.  “Ms. Calyssa, if you’ll be so kind as step up onto the scale.  But first…to be entirely accurate, because this is a very serious case…not that I don’t trust you, but… if you’ll first remove your shoes… ”  Her lawyer looked relieved.  “…and pants and shirt.”  
    “Your honor, perhaps…” interjected her lawyer.
    “It’s alright, Dave.  I’m…I’m comfortable with the judge’s orders.”  After taking off her shoes, Calyssa struggled to get up off the bench, nearly falling back down on it before she got to her feet.  As she took off her shirt, she revealed an incredible expanse of fatness, a veritable collection of rolls, but taking off her pants revealed the true extent of her complete transformation, with her bloated mega-gut covering her thighs, huge layers of fat piled up on her legs and ass, every part of her jiggling as she walked up onto the scale.  
    “Five hundred and ninety four pounds.  That’s quite a change,” said the Judge.  Then Megan waddled up to the scale, with hardly any clothes on either.  Despite her dark hair and monster 60LL tits, she looked surprisingly similar to the new Calyssa, so when she clocked in at five hundred and ninety four pounds…
    “Amazing!  You both weigh the same amount.  So you are each awarded exactly one half of the decedent’s estate.  Let’s see, owing to some capital gains in the past two years… that’s a little more than half a billion each…”
      Lost in the moment, Calyssa rushed to Megan as fast as her ponderous body would take her.  As she reached to hug her, their huge guts collided, and the two girls were so fat that Calyssa could barely reach Megan, let alone get her arms around her.  Calyssa pushed forward mightily, her belly pushing outward and to the sides, and she could just about grab Megan, who unexpectedly hugged her back.
    “I think things are gonna be a lot better from now on.  Hey, I’ve been dying to ask you, now that I’m a fat girl too, do you know a good solution for thighs rubbing together, it happens to me all the time, and really messes up my jeans…and maybe you can give me some advice on, er, positions, you know, in bed…maybe we should talk about it later…wow, what a day…”


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